The most successful Czech jump rope coach among the elite sixteen Czech coaches


What role does a coach play in life? For some, the coach is another person they met and for some the coach becomes an integral part of life, the so-called second mom or second dad. "Anyway, the coaching activity is not socially appreciated as it would deserve it", says the initiator and main organizer of the survey Thanks, Coach, Petr Ryndl.

Social and Sporting Event Thanks, Coach is announcing for the fifth time this year the best Youth Coach 2019. By doing so, they want the coaches to publicly acknowledge and thank them for leading their wards to sports and learning good manners and fair play. The best selected will also benefit financially, as many of them do their leisure time and often without reward. The coach nominates his neighborhood through an online application. So far, over four thousand coaches from 55 sports have been nominated for the competition.

This year jump rope coach Olga Kepková made it to the TOP 16. She has been leading the Rebels OK team for the 15 years. During that time, her team has grown by 50 athletes in the age of 6-19, who she practice 18 hours a week with. Read on in the interview, what Olga Kepkova revealed about herself. 

What do you like most about training?

I enjoy being with young people and indulging them with this sport. I discovered Rope Skipping "too late". I enjoy children's progress. The spontaneity, spontaneity, energy. New children will come, untouched by the jump rope and after half a year they will enjoy themselves. They have overcome the limit that something is not going and what is difficult. I am delighted when the children enjoy the show, the races, they are set in the "pants" or "tails". The transformation of girls in a wild dragon. I enjoy observing rules, discipline. This inherently belongs to sport. I am happy when the children feel what they are supposed to do and not to do. Education is an integral part. Experiencing their Lives - School, Boys, Parents, ... I like our bus trips to competitions. Team bonding. I enjoy linking age categories to choreographies. I am delighted when the kids come to practice and tell me that they may have won some sport competition in another sport because they have a good sport preparation from our team. I enjoy inventing new fun techniques. Children need not know that they actually train.

Do you have a trick to make your training more enjoyable?

Children must feel that if they do not come to the training, they will miss it. I try to motivate children to attend a high percentage of attendance. The training structure is similar. But I always have to put something small "different". New trick, unexpected reinforcement, modification of the old game, tools (normally not much used), other speed training, new important information, drawing children into the choreography, inventing new choreographies, talking to them, occasional sweet reward, control measurements total commitment, team competition, new music, aerobics. Through messaging, I send kids video tutorials, tasks, information, training records, their video freestyle - we're discussing it - so they can prepare for the next training. Favorite is battle. Whether speed or freestyle.

Did you enjoy doing something to train your wards last year? What it was?

It's always nice and exciting in September. After returning back to school, the children return to their training sessions and remain in the team for another year. Suddenly she is 9 years old, 12 years old, ... I am very pleased with that :) The story is a lot, but the last time the girls touched me with this nomination Thanks, coach. The whole training they called me "coache", "missis coache" ... I thought they were making fun of me. 

List the greatest sporting achievements of the athletes from  your team.

  • 2015 World Jump Rope Championship 2015, the team brought 19 medals, including 4 gold medals.
  • 2015 World Jump Rope Championship 2015, the team brought 19 medals, including 4 gold medals.
  • 2018 World Jump Rope Championship 2018 brought a total of 33 medals, of which 10 gold
  • The Czech Republic is moving - the nationwide finals in Most
  • 2nd place Rebelstyle (14-16 years)
  • 3rd place Rebels Jump (8-10 years)
  • 4th place Skipping Girls (11-13 years)
  • The Czech Republic is moving - the nationwide finale in Prague
  • 2nd place Rebelstyle (11-13 years)
  • 4th place Skipping Girls (8-10 years)

What are your visions for the future as a jump rope coach?

I would like to extend the coaching team to a "grown" generation. I would like our oldest jumps to stay with this sport and go back home. I wish more cooperation with foreign jumpers. Sometimes I invite a TOP foreign jumper to the team to learn new tricks. This year our team has co-founded the Czech Jump Rope skipping rope. I would like to do this sport and participate in creating optimal conditions for its activities. We organize competitions, workshops, seminars and trainings for trainers and judges, camps, ... Together we also try to work closely with the International Jump Rope Union.

Score from 0-10. (10 = "totally agree", 1 = "completely disagree")

  • The victory of my athletes is the priority of my training. 4
  • I also try to educate the athletes during the trainings. 9
  • I try to make the kids especially entertaining and enjoy the training. 10
  • I often play games, even from other sports. 9
  • I give space in competitions / matches to the weaker ones. 10
  • I try to develop sports versatility. 9
  • Often I talk to my athletes about others things than sport. 8
  • My family supports me in coaching. 10
  • Training is not an obstacle for me to work. 10

Write your story about how you got to coaching jump rope.

Since early childhood I have devoted myself to competitive sports (fire sport, karate, aerobics). I remember my curiosity, what do the coaches keep writing about and wondering? While studying physiotherapy rehabilitation in Teplice, I worked with physically and mentally handicapped children. After the practice we went to the skittles and bowling wheelchair. I realized that it was beautiful to combine physiological and pathological movement. I was very happy that the knowledge of physiotherapy suits me in every sport. During my studies, I did kick-box, trained soccer players, but once I watched the FTVS students and saw funny performances of boys who fought for the gymnastics exam in fulfilling jump rope skills. There were about 6 of them, jumping into music, skipping ropes. Very simply. They were laughing and enjoying it. Simplicity, that was beauty. I was as scared and determined. But the problem was that this sport did not exist in our country. However, gradually I began to discover the unknown and discover and learn this sport on my knee. That was probably the nicest. Start the sport from scratch.

And what did her athletes write about Olga Kepková?

Why did I decide to nominate a coach?

I decided to nominate my coach Olga Kepková because I know that it is not often easy with us and I can see how much patience he is with us and how he is trying to develop a sport in the Czech Republic - Rope Skipping, or jumping rope competitions. Olga has been with us for many years on races, camps and camps not only in the Czech Republic, so she gives us the opportunity to teach as much rope skipping skills as possible from the world's top.

What is the best coach for?

Our trainer Oli is great. It is strict, tough, vigorous and consistent. More than 70 children, mostly girls, train themselves. It is not always easy to drive a girl's collective, and she always does it. She has been training some of us since kindergarten, training sessions are 3-4 in a week and so we often spend more time with Olča than with our parents. If there is a problem both among us girls and in private, I know I can rely on it. I think it's the best Rope skipping coach in the world.

An interesting event with a coach?

Our last World Jump Rope Championships in Orlando, USA, it was because of the delayed flight from Prague that we missed a transfer in New York and spent 10 hours with another 10 jumps, trainer Olga and her assistant at the airport. It was a bit like an American movie. We spent the night on the ground, covered with Czech flags.

We would like to thank Coach Olga Kepková, the member of the executive committee and cofounder of Czech Jump Rope, congratulations on to making it to the elite group of Czech coaches and we are crossing all our fingers for the next rounds and hope for the best place in Youth Coach title of 2019!