The first Jump Rope Championship through the eyes of Bara and Zuzka Varkockova


What is it like to go to the first jump rope world championship? You will find out in an interview we did with young and very talented jumpers Bara and Zuzka Varkočkova from the Astra Klánovice team. They're going to participate at the World Championships with their coach, as well as their mother, Martina Varkočková. Read what Bara and Zuzka told us about.

How long do you jump rope?

We started four years ago, but we are jumping for one to two years.

How did you get to the rope?

Bara Varkockova
Bara Varkockova

In our school, the film U Factor U was filmed, so Skipping Boys came to show us what jump rope is and thanks to that we got to know it.

What do you like most about this sport?

Trying out new tricks and knowing that tricks are infinitely many.

It's the first world championship for you, what are your feelings?

Well, we are looking forward to it, because we will see a lot of new and great people and we will get some inspiration, but at the same time we are nervous because we do not know what is waiting for us.

How did the preparations for Norway go? How many times a week do you train?

Because of some health problems, it has not always been the easiest, but we try to train at least four times a week.

What disciplines are you participating in?

Since we are only a few, we participate in all individual and pairs single rope disciplines in speed and freestyle. 

What are you looking forward to most?

Zuza: "I look forward to be a runner, to collect the results."

What did you focus most on training?

I think on freestyle, because we're doing it for the first time this year.

What made you most trouble?

The biggest trouble we had, was not to argue with the wheels.

Do you have a special routine before the race?

Zuzka Varkockova
Zuzka Varkockova

Not as in our practice. This time we each stretch ourselves and don't have a warm-up together.

Do you have a talisman? What?

Zuza: "My skipping rope,"

How do you encourage yourself internally?

We both just think we'll just have it over.

What do you think during jumping speed?

Bara: "I think about how much time is left."

Zuza: "Legs up! Legs up!"

What do you think during freestyle?

Both just to laugh and to not mess up or forget.

What do you think just before entering the competition area?

Bara: "I assure myself a hundred times that it's the right heat and square."

Zuza: "I always feel very lonely there."

Did you have any goals?

Putting everything in it, it turns out how it turns out, especially we want to survive.

One to three words describe what jumping rope means to you.

Zuza: pain, joy, friendship

Bara: joy, experience, great time

Who's your skipping idol? Who inspires you?

We are inspired by individual people rather than teams, so Tori Boggs, Anežka Bočková and Zac Tomlinson.

Write about yourself an interesting thing that is not about jumping rope.

Outside of the sport, we both devote ourselves to music, hippos, cello and piano.

If you were to describe one skipping trick that would be?

Zuza: EB

Bara: toad

What's your favorite superhero?

Zuza: Iron Man

Báro and Zuzo, thank you very much for your time and wish you and the whole team a lot of success at the World Championship in Norway.

Thank you very much, we will definitely enjoy it and that is the main thing for us.