NEWS: General Congress IJRU


On Saturday, October 3, 2020, the General Congress of IJRU was held and was attended by two representatives of the Executive Committee of Czech Jump Rope.

The General Meeting approved the financial report for the last period and the strategic plan of the IJRU. New member states were ratified, including the Czech Republic with the Czech Jump Rope as a recognized national association (NGB).

The following were also approved:

  • changes to the IJRU statutes, which we have chosen to comment in advance
  • Charter of the emerging Commission for Youth Development
  • Charter Sports Council
  • Charter of the Ethics Panel, incl. documents of the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct
  • Charter of the Finance Commission
  • update of the Principles of Gender Policy
  • and also appointed members of the Ethics Panel

Last but not least, the Technical Commission and the Technical Congress were commissioned to prepare the rules and conditions for the virtual world championship in 2021.

From the information from the members and the inputs of the individual members, it was clear that everyone is going through a difficult time due to restrictions and current pandemic situation. However, we all try to work on the development of sports and adapt to the current situation.

We had the opportunity to listen to the presentation of individual continental organizations and their plans for the future, especially interesting for us was the entry into the European Rope Skipping Organization, which continues to be a member of the IJRU in progress. Martina Varkočková has the opportunity to introduce the IJRU members to the Czech Republic and Czech Jump Rope.

After the initial ratification of the new members, Czech Jump Rope could participate in all voting processes.