Interview with one of the best Czech female jumpers, Vendy Plazzerova


Year after year he met and in a few days starts the World Championship in Norway. The Czech team will not miss this event and will be represented by a total of 24 people. This is the most so far in the history of the Czech Republic. The teams will be Rebels OK, Astra Klánovice and Skipping Boys. We would like to bring you closer to the whole event. And where else to start than the athletes themselves. We interviewed Vendy Plazzerová with a gift of rope skipping team Rebels OK. Together with their team (12 jumps) under the guidance of the trainer Olga Kepková and Šárka Plazzerová, they set out on their 4th World Championship.

How long do you jump rope?

In the kindergarten I started to go to the aerobic club, which included a jump rope. Then coach Oli started to lead a club and I started to go there regularly. Now it is about 12 years.

What do you like most about this sport?

Probably a collective and a common experience. Those are really a lot in those years and we always have something to remember. Whether you want to stay at NY airport and follow-up flight, or just take trips with girls.

How many World Championships have you already participated in? What was your greatest success?

In 2015, we went to the World Championships in Paris for the first time, a year later to Portugal and last year we were in the USA. Norway will be my 4th championship. For my greatest success I consider the gold medal at the World Championships in Paris in 2x30 DU and also the two silver medals in the double doutch, which we and the team won at the World Championship in Florida 2018. After the races, we travel differently across Europe, like Germany, Slovakia or even more distant Hungary.

How did the preparations for Norway go?

Since September, we train regularly three times a week, the closer the MS is, the more training, sometimes up to 6 times a week.

How many disciplines do you participate with? What are you participating in?

As a team, we participate in all the listed disciplines except Wheel and DD FS in 5. This year, DDC will be a new addition for us. I personally go 1x30, 1x30DU, TU, FS in 2, FS in 4, DD 2x60, DD 3x40, DDC, DDC 1x30.

What are you looking forward to most?

To see the whole jump rope world again after a year.

What did you focus on with the team?

With the team certainly on team disciplines, there is strength in the team

Do you have a special routine before the race?

When I think about it, I probably don't.

Do you have your talisman? What?

Angel necklace, which I only take off in extreme distress.

How do you encourage yourself internally?

That I can handle it and that it will be soon over.

What do you think of during jumping speed?

Most of the time, in three minutes speed, for the whole bullshit, for example, what I'm going to do in the evening, what film I would like to watch and for the rest of the time, that I can't miss it and that my legs hurt. But I always want to hear the commands to  and I can end up feeling like I didn't miss.

What do you think of during freestyle?

I always try to think about two tricks ahead so I don't forget, which has happened to me a few times.

What do you think just before entering the competition area?

Sometimes I think that I wish that nothing in the technology would go wrong or jump rope would break and I didn't have to jump 180s again.

What are your goals? Do you want to achieve a certain score in speed or trippleunders?

I don't think it's about results, I always try to jump in the best way. When something goes well (for example, a personal record), of course I'm happy about it.

What do you like most about jump rope?

It's more action than chess. It combines a lot of things: rhythm, speed, acrobatics, creativity, ...

One to three words describe what jumping rope means to you.

Friends, experiences, fun

Who's your jump rope idol?

I like the team Bouncing bulldogs, they are very original and I like their team, they support each other and they cheer.

If you were to describe one word, what would it be?


Write about yourself an interesting thing that doesn't involve jumping rope.

I love super dry humor.

If you were to describe one skipping trick that would be?

Double bounce :D

What's your favorite superhero?

My father.

Vendy, thank you very much for your time and wish you and your team a lot of success at the World Championship in Norway.

Thank you very much for the whole team. We are really excited and looking forward to it