IJRU Judges Training September 2020


The training of IJRU Level 2 judges took place on the weekend of 19 - 20 September 2020 in Prague - Letňany.

In two days full of information, videos, live demonstrations and various questions, we went through the new rules of IJRU speed and freestyle for all disciplines, in which teams will race not only at the November Czech Championships in Prague, but also at the World Championships in Ottawa 2021 and other international competitions.

The whole training was accompanied by Anežka Bočková, a certified Judge Clinician IJRU, the demonstrations of speed and freestyle disciplines were provided by extras from our member teams - everyone deserves a big thank you for their involvement. As well as the participants for their proactive approach, stimulating questions and lively discussion, which took place not only during the training itself, but also during lunch breaks :)