Fun Skippers Cup and Workshop


There was so much going on with jumping rope on 31th May and 1st June in the Bratislava primary school. Because Fun Skippers Cup and a workshop took place. The event was organized by the Fun Skippers team and was supported by Czech Jump Rope and our member Anežka, who was judging at the competition and staffing at the workshop.

Over 100 pupils participated in the competition, which took place all day on Friday. They were competing in speed disciplines:

  • Individuals: 1x30s jump, 1x30s speed, 1x30s double speed, 1x30s criss cross
  • pairs: 2x30s jump, 2x30s criss cross
  • teams: 4x30s jump, 4x30s criss cross

And also in Single Rope Freestyle. Both beginners and advanced jumpers participated. The best ones have earned their medals and trophies for their results. Congratulations for their great performance.