Foundation of Czech Jump Rope 


Jump rope (so called rope skipping) in the Czech Republic needs an umbrella organization to connect, inform, help, and create the optimal conditions for the development of the sport we all love.

New Opportunity for All

Jump rope teams Rebels O.K. and Astra Klánovice together with Anežka Bočková decided to start a new organization that will bring these missing aspects to the Czech jump rope scene.

The mission of Czech Jump Rope is to unify.

Connect teams, jumpers, share all the information, support jumpers and coaches in their development. Organize trainings, workshops and competitions. To unify rules and to stand out in international competitions.

We look forward that also you will become a new member of Czech Jump Rope. We offer open communication, transparent conditions, adherence to set rules, and mainly: even more jump rope events, friends and having fun while jumping rope.