Athlete Council registration now open


Dear athletes and current and former representatives, this year opens a great opportunity for you to participate in the elections to the IJRU (Athlete Council).

The IJRU Athletes Council was established as a body to represent the interests of athletes and competitors. Its goal is to support athletes and be their voice on the IJRU Board.

This year, the historically first elections of representatives to the Council of Athletes will take place. Take this opportunity and VOTE!

In order to vote, you must first register on the IJRU website by 1.5.2021.

Everyone who meets all the following conditions can take part in the election

  • competitors from 16 years of age (16 years and older)
  • competitors who have participated in past FISAC-IRSF or WJR World Championships and those nominated for the upcoming 2021 Virtual World Championships.
  • members of the relevant national association (Czech Jump Rope)
  • Candidates for election will be announced in June 2021. We will inform you of the announcement.

What is the function of the Athlete Council?

  • The members of the Athlete Council will represent the athletes in this sport.
  • They will support all athletes at the amateur and competition level.
  • During the meeting of the IJRU Executive Committee, they will represent the opinion and needs of all athletes.
  • Athlete Council will be involved in voting and approving proposals.