Rule books and judges trainings

The next judges training

Judges trainings

For competitions organized by Czech Jump Rope and its member teams, we use the rules of the World Jump Rope Federation, in the future the International Jump Rope Union.

Because a big number of certified judges is required for a smooth running of a competition and good results, we encourage all coaches and teammates to complete the WJR online courses available at . The courses are in English and are accompanied by many videos where you can practice and verify the skills of the referee.

For the online training, you'll need a Jump Rope Judge app and in case, you have no mechanical clicker at home, we recommend the Scorekeeper Skiptraq app. 

Jump Rope Judge

Scorekeeper Skiptraq

Currently, we are preparing a translation of the competition rules and rules for judges into the Czech language so that the preparation for the competition is as simple as possible for you.