Nominations and qualifiers

Czech Jump Rope, as a national jump rope/rope skipping organization, nominates competitors for participation in selected international competitions (eg IJRU World Championship, International Open Tournament, Double Dutch Contest World Championship).

In order for the selection of nominated competitors to be fair and transparent, the Executive Committee decided to introduce the Czech Jump Rope Qualifiers System for nominations. Competitors will collect points in the Qualifiers System continuously at Czech national competitions. If an athlete applies for a nomination for an international competition, we will decide according to the points obtained who will become a member of the national team for the given competition.

If your team is considering participating in international competitions, study the Nomination Rules and keep track of information about the holding of points competitions as well as the announcement of nominations on the Czech Jump Rope website.

Competitions included in the Qualifiers system for the next competition season

Year 2021

  • Rebelstyle Competition - 7. 11. 2021

Year 2022

  • Representation Competition Czech Jump Rope - 9. 1. 2022
  • Rebelstyle Competition - 24. 4. 2022
  • Czech Jump Rope Championship - 22. 5. 2022

Other national competitions taking place according to the IJRU rules can be included in the Qulifiers system no later than 4 months before they take place.

The nearest international competitions for which the Qualifiers System will apply

  • World Championship 2021 - nomination January 2021
  • Junior World Championship 2021 - nomination January 2021
  • International Open Tournament 2021 - nomination January 2021
  • Double Dutch Contest World 2021 - nomination January 2021

Other competitions, which will require the nomination of competitors and teams of national organizations, will be added continuously as soon as their propositions are available.

If you have any questions about the Qualifiers System, do not hesitate to contact us. It is important to us that the coaches and competitors in the Qualifiers system are well oriented and understand how the nomination will take place and what they can do to make their application to the national team successful.