The European rope skipping organization (ERSO) is announcing the Show Contest for teams of 4-6 jumpers on November 28th. The competition will be held in Mechelen, Belgium.

In order to have enough trained IJRU judges for the Czech Championship in April 2020 and the World Championship 2020 in Ottawa, we are organizing a judges training on the weekend of 28-29 March.

To make sure there is a correct and smooth application of IJRU rules at all competitions and our training sessions, we have established a technical committee within Czech Jump Rope.

At the traditional pre-Christmas international competition in Hungarian Szombathely (15.12.2019), among teams from Hungary, Slovakia and Austria, there was also a Czech national team. A total of 28 athletes from the Rebels OK team represented the Czech Republic.

In mid-December, another competitions with Czech Jump Rope support was held in Prague - the 3rd year of the Klánovice Christmas Jump competition.