Membership in Czech Jump Rope

Czech Jump Rope has the legal form of an organization, so anyone who identifies with the purpose of Czech Jump Rope and wants to participate in the fulfillment of common interests, can become a member.

Sports clubs and teams engaged in jump rope can register as a collective member. The team or club then registers its members (jumpers, competitors) to Czech Jump Rope as so-called registered members. According to the number of its registered members, the entire team/club can participate in its decisions in the General Congress.

Individual athletes can register as individual members. They don't have to belong to any section but they don't have voting rights at the General Congress

Special memberships are then affiliated and honorary. Affiliated members may be legal entities who for some reason cannot or do not want to be a collective member.

Honorary membership is decided by the General Congress and is awarded to outstanding personalities who are particularly committed to the development of the sport of jump rope.

Membership Benefits

If you become a member of Czech Jump Rope, you will have the opportunity to participate in making decisions and development for the sport of jump rope in the Czech Republic. You will be first to receive all important news and information.

You will become part of a friendly company of other teams/clubs/jumpers with whom you can share your experience, learn new things, and develop yourself and your teams.

You can participate in courses, competitions and workshops organized by Czech Jump Rope, of course with the benefits and advantages of membership.

How To Become A Member

Fill in the registration form on the website. When your application is confirmed you will pay your membership fee and that's it! :)

Šárka Plazzerová is responsible for the registration. Do not hesitate to contact her in case of any questions.

Membership Fees

Registered member (each jumper in a jump rope team): 100 CZK / calendar year
Individual member: 100 CZK / calendar year

Special memberships are without fees.
The membership fee is always valid for one calendar year from January to December.