What is Jump Rope?

Jump rope (US English) = Rope skipping (UK English)

Jump rope is a form of sport activity involving jumping over a rope. In jump rope, you can practice and compete in many disciplines.

Speed: The task is to make as many predefined jumps as possible during the given time frame. E.g. how many speed jumps in a 30 second period or how many double unders in a 30 second period (one jump during which jump rope swings two times, etc.) Individuals, pairs or fours can compete

Freestyle disciplines: Jumpers perform various tricks, dance steps, use gymnastics or so-called power elements and all this at the same time while jumping over the rope. Individuals, couples, fours and larger teams can compete in freestyle events.

Chinese Wheel: two jumpers spinning two ropes, each holding the handles of one rope in one hand (eg. right) and handles of the other rope in the other hand (eg. left). Only pairs can compete in Chinese Wheel freestyle. However, three or four wheel can also be created.

Double dutch: Two turners spin two long ropes (double dutches), and one or more jumpers jump over these double dutches. Double Dutch disciplines include speed and freestyle disciplines.