IJRU Virtual World Championship 2021

Due to pandemic situation IJRU decided to organize a Virtual World Jump Rope Championship in September/October 2021. It will include all 3 categories The Virtual World Championship, the Virtual Junior World Championship and the Virtual International Open Tournament

 In accordance with the IJRU rules, Czech Jump Rope nominates competitors to represent the Czech Republic for these competitions, and therefore urges Czech rope skipping team coaches to apply for the World Competition nominations to competitors who meet the qualification criteria and are interested in joining the national team. under the following conditions.

Competitors from the Czech Republic have 3 places in each discipline and each age / gender category at each of the listed competitions. The Executive Committee will nominate competitors based on their performance in previous competitions and the number of disciplines in which they can compete in the Championship. If the competitors cannot be fairly nominated according to these criteria, Czech Jump Rope will announce the nomination race in the period March-April, resp. it declares another additional criterion.

Terms and conditions for the nomination

  • The minimum age of competitors is 12 years as of December 31, 2020
  • Competitors meet the qualification criteria for the disciplines to which they apply
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult escort
  • Competitors will cover all costs associated with participation in the competition
  • Competitors will arrange transport to the competition themselves
  • Competitors will obtain their own travel documents and necessary permits to travel to the competition venue
  • The team submitting the competitor will ensure the participation of certified judges for IJRU competitions
  • Every competitor must have a medical certificate that his / her health condition does not restrict or exclude the start of the competition, this certificate must not be older than 1 year
  • Competitor, event. legal representative, sign the Agreement on participation in the representation team in the event that it is selected for the representation team
  • Competitors are acquainted with the Czech Anti-Doping Charter (https://www.antidoping.cz/cs/ceska-charta-proti-dopingu ) and the World Anti-Doping Code (https://www.antidoping.cz/cs/svetovy-antidopingovy  (Code) and adhere to the principles of pure sport

Qualification limits

  • Single Rope Speed Sprint: 70 leaps (also applies to Single Rope Speed Relay)
  • Single Rope Speed Endurance: 350 hops
  • Single Rope Double Unders Relay: 140 hops
  • Double Dutch Speed Sprint: 140 hops
  • Double Dutch Speed Relay: 250 jumps

Competitors (or their coaches) declare compliance with the qualifying limits in the application form stating the best result achieved in the competitions in 2019 or 2020. The results should be publicly available for verification. If a team with a composition in which it has not taken part in a competition is entered in the team events, the result will not be filled in the entry form.

Competitors who do not meet the qualification limits will not be nominated for the event. However, this does not exclude participation in other disciplines.