Why has a new jump rope / rope skipping organization been created? 
In the long term, we felt that the Czech jump rope / rope skipping environment did not give jumpers what they needed. We were looking for ways to improve the situation, and finally it proved to be the most promising - we believe that each party will soon feel a positive change.

Can I also be a member of the Czech Jump Rope and other sports associations?

Of course. Czech Jump Rope has no restrictive conditions for members to prevent membership in other organizations.

Does it make sense to become a member when I only teach in elementary school?

Definitely yes - we also think of teams that do jump rope in school clubs or generally less intense than big clubs. Not only that members of Czech Jump Rope will have better conditions in participating in our events, but we also plan, for example, competitions for beginners with a lower level, where also beginners will be able to compare their performance with similarly focused teams.

Will I be able to participate in the competitions, trainings and workshops even if I am not a member of the Czech Jump Rope?

Yes, but you will deprive yourself of pricing and other benefits.

Will all Czech Jump Rope events take place in Prague?

We would like to organize our events throughout the whole country. We know there are teams that are far away from Prague - it would not be fair that only some teams always have to go to the event at four in the morning :)

Our team does not train any children. Do you have a sense of becoming a member of the Czech Jump Rope?

If you want to participate in our camps and workshops with foreign instructors (which is always worth it :), it definitely makes sense. For members, these actions will be more beneficial. However, you can work with Czech Jump Rope even if you are not a member. We are open to everybody.

What rules will be followed for competitions organized under Czech Jump Rope?

At the moment, our contests follow the rules of the World Jump Rope. However, at the same time, intensive international negotiations are underway to create new rules that will apply to the emergence of the International Jump Rope Union (IJRU). We are ready to respond immediately to this situation and take over the new rules.

Will you organize judges training?

Sure, well-trained judges are extremely important to the quality of the competitions. We plan to host organize judges workshops several times a year. Find more about judges.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.