Czech Jump Rope Championship 2019

Czech Jump Rope organizes on 30th November 2019 an open Championship of Czech Republic in sports hall Věra Čáslavská in Černošice.

All teams and individuals involved in jump rope sport in the Czech Republic can participate. The disciplines are speed and freestyle, according to the new IJRU rules, which we expect to be released in July this year.

The recommended qualification limit for the Czech Championship is 55 jumps in the Single Rope Speed 1x30  and 250 jumps to qualify for Single Rope Speed 1x180s. Qualification limits apply to competitors over 10 years of age. There are no limits for younger competitors.

Speed disciplines

  • Single Rope Speed 1x30 s
  • Single Rope Speed 1x180 s
  • Single Rope Double Unders Relay 2x30 s
  • Single Rope Speed Relay 4x30 s
  • Double Dutch Speed 1x60 s
  • Double Dutch Speed 4x30 s

Freestyle disciplines

  • Single Rope Pair Freestyle 0-75 s 
  • Single Rope Team Freestyle 0-75s 
  • Double Dutch Single Freestyle 0-75 s 
  • Wheel Pair Freestyle 0-75 s

Championship rules and age divisions

The championship will be using the IJRU rules, incl. age categories. They will be announced at the latest on August 15, 2019. In the Single Rope Speed ​​1x30 s and Single Rope Speed ​​1x180 s, men and women will have a separate gender division. In other disciplines, men, women, and mixed teams compete together.

The competitor's age counts according to 1st September 2019. The age of the oldest competitor in the team is decisive for placing the team in the age category.

Each team participating in the Championship will register for a competition of at least one Speed ​​Judge for every 4 athletes registered in the Speed ​​Events and at least one Freestyle Judge for every 8 athletes registered in the Freestyle Events.

Czech Jump Rope is organizing speed and freestyle judges workshops in Prague

  • 1.-4.8.2019 - Summer Jump Rope Camp, Prague
  • 28.-29.9.2019 - Judges Workshop for the Czech Jump Rope Championship 2019, Dobřichovice