About Czech Jump Rope

Czech Jump Rope brings together teams and jumpers who are engaged in the sport of jump rope in the Czech Republic. Our mission is to develop this sport, to create optimal conditions for operation, to organize workshops and competitions, to inform, and to help.

Main Activities of Czech Jump Rope

    • Organization, operation and support of the sport of jump rope in all its forms in the Czech Republic
    • Performing the role of an umbrella organization for jump rope in the Czech Republic.
    • Support for its members and especially for youth - training of athletes, coaches and judges
    • Preparation and organization of important sports events at home and abroad
    • Developing international co-operation

    Mission of Czech Jump Rope

    We believe that jump rope involves demanding physical activity associated with creativity, coordination and aesthetics. Due to its variability, jump rope is ideal for both individuals and groups. Jump rope is a bottomless well of individual and group physical activity and never stops being fun. 

    We perceive jump rope as a sport available to everyone, minimally demanding in equipment and space. Czech Jump Rope wants to help spread this sport within the Czech Republic and create conditions that will allow the existence of competitive and amateur teams. Our ambition is to organize competitions, enable trainings for jumpers/coaches/judges, to cooperate with national and international organizations and partners, always within a friendly and open fair-play atmosphere.

    How does Czech Jump Rope work?

    Czech Jump Rope is an organization, which is ruled by its constitution.

    The highest authority of Czech Jump Rope is the General Congress, which is held at least once a year and can be attended and voted on by all the collective and honorary members.

    The statutory body is a five-member Executive Committee elected by the General Congress. All members of Czech Jump Rope can participate in decision-making about activities, common rules and further development.